A Matcha Station for your home.

Everything you need to get started.

A Matcha Station for your home.

Everything you need to get started.

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Kyoto Mornings Whisk Set

Product images are for illustration. Actual product may vary due to handmade components. 

Kyoto Mornings: Matcha Station Gift Set


Set up your home café in 10 minutes or less. Makes ~45 lattes.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Over $100 of value in 1 kit.

Sakura Season Special: Ends 1 Apr
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Your Matcha Station with Kyoto Mornings

  • 01

    Two types of Matcha Powder

    Taste the difference with Ceremonial Uji Matcha (best for drinking pure) and Barista Uji Matcha (for lattes). 

  • 02

    Barista Uji Hojicha Powder

    Explore Hojicha lattes alongside your Matcha.

  • 03

    Matcha Bamboo Scoop

    Save time measuring Matcha. 1 scoop is about 1 gram of Matcha.

  • 04

    Matcha Whisk

    Whisk up silky smooth Matcha under 30 seconds.

  • 05

    Crystal Chawan with Spout

    Double-walled to keep Matcha warm and your hands cool.

Your Own Home Cafe

Cafe-quality Matcha at home, for a fraction of the price.

Create over 10 Different Drinks

Make any type of drink you fancy, ranging from lattes to cold brews.

Share with Friends and Family

Impress your guests with a home cafe experience, and cafe-quality brews.

Better Tasting Matcha

This isn't just any ordinary Matcha. It's a silky smooth, fragrant umami bomb, air-flown from Uji, Kyoto.

Real Reviews from Real People

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Paul l.
Nice package

The bowl is not the big type and the tea don't flow very well with the small spout.
The tea taste very nice and refreshing

Serene T.
Lovely Matcha Set - Great gift idea

bought this set as a gift to my friend. She loves it and we will certainly buy from Craft Tea Fox again!



Joyce C.
Neat and fresh matcha

Needless to say, even kids love the matcha. It’s a current fav of the family

Nicolas C.
Kyoto Mornings Whisk Set

The this set is so comprehensive and amazing. It provides you with the right essentials to kick start you matcha whisking journey

Perfect gift for someone who loves matcha/tea

Got this for my girlfriend and there are plenty of instructional videos and guides provided on how to make your perfect cup of matcha.

Dai W.T.
Great starter kit!

It was easy to use! I’m glad that it came with a manual and some recipes as well.

Great products for gifting!

The gift boxes are lovely for gifting and the team is very helpful with queries, highly recommend!

Eileen L.
Excellent service

Craft tea provides excellent recovery service. I bought the tea set that comes with bamboo spoon. However, some part of the spoon is not smooth and Craft Tea changed it and delivered to my door step within days.

Kyoto Mornings Whisk Set

Great starter set!

What You'll Get


Ceremonial Uji Matcha

30 servings (30g)


Barista Uji Matcha

30 servings (30g)


Barista Uji Hojicha

30 servings (30g)


Double Walled Chawan (Matcha Bowl with Spout)


Full Length Matcha Whisk


Bamboo Matcha Scoop


Guided Tutorials


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


After-sales Support


Total Value


You Pay


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Craft Tea Fox Matcha and Hojicha from?

Craft Tea Fox Matcha and Hojicha are from Japan. They are grown, harvested and processed in both Uji and Kyoto.

We work with an eminent Matcha & Hojicha grower in Uji with over 150 years of experience.

How many servings of Matcha and Hojicha can I make?

For drinking Matcha on its own, we recommend about 1 gram per serving, so you'll get 20 servings with the kit.

For Matcha and Hojicha Lattes, we recommend at least 2 grams per latte, so you'll get about 10 servings per kit.


Quantities may vary based on your preferred ratio of Matcha or Hojicha to milk.

When will my order be delivered?

Delivery within Singapore usually takes between 1-3 working days.

Delivery outside of SIngapore usually takes between 3-12 working days.

When will the Matcha and Hojicha expire?

The Matcha and Hojicha will have a shelf life of at least 8-12 months.

Is the Matcha Organic?

The Ceremonial Uji Matcha is certified organic by JAS. The Barista Uji Matcha and Barista Uji Hojicha are not organic.

Kyoto Mornings

A Matcha Station For Your Home.