Who We Are

The Craft Tea Fox story began when we couldn't find a proper Matcha Latte – even in the heart of the city. And getting a bottled latte instead meant getting a drink full of added sugar, and usually way too sweet.

These days, so many of us are caught up in hectic lifestyles that we hardly have time for anything. And in this mad hustle, sometimes we just need a bit of me-time - with a treat in hand. Few things serve this purpose as well as a café-grade Matcha Latte. But, a café-grade Matcha Latte isn't always easy to find, and making it yourself also means time and patience.

We set out to change this, because we ultimately believe that you shouldn't need a café or teahouse to have really good Matcha and Hojicha. So we created our own café-grade latte in a bottle – no more hunting for our lattes, and no more wasted time brewing a latte every day.

After endless rounds of testing (including sampling many Matcha and Hojicha variants in Japan), we finally found what worked for us: a mix of strong tea flavour, a light touch of sweetness and creamy, rich milk.

Today, Craft Tea Fox is the only brand in Singapore to bottle café-grade Matcha and Hojicha Lattes that last up to 6 weeks. But we're here not just to provide you with quality Matcha & Hojicha. We're also here to lift your spirits, and to accompany you in the midst of the hustle.

Elias & Kai Xin