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Firsttime matcha making

Love waking up to this glasbowl and make my matcha in and whisk away 🙏🏾


Wife is a tea person and she simply enjoy the richness flavour of the matcha!


Really a good, smooth and nice hojicha oatmik latte, love it.

Great Taste

Delivery was really fast and the product was truly amazing - in both taste and colour!

Satisfied Customer

I’d never heard of or tried CTF before, but decided to give it a try during their Christmas sale. The matcha was much higher quality than expected- thick, grassy and smooth! Will be back :)

Aromatic and delicious!

I tried pure matcha tea for first time in Kyoto and I started to really like it. Tried out CTF ceremonial matcha today and it reminded me of the one I had in Kyoto. So aromatic… and I like how it is not powdery at all and no bitter aftertaste.

Good Matcha for baking.

I was able to make Matcha lava cake thanks to the included recipe! But still room for improvement for sure.


Like the matcha milk tea and hojicha milk tea! The matcha powder is flavourful too!

Worthy little Pick-me-up treats

For those hesitating to try the lattes due to the price, just go for it. These are much better for you than Koi or even Starbucks. These are artisanal. You’re getting a little piece of Japan with these drinks so yes, it is worth every bit of your coin. Try the Hojicha/Matcha in regular milk and then splurge for the Oat ones as well. I promise you won’t regret it. Oat milk elevates the roasted hojicha flavour so much! Rope in a friend and you’ll get free door step delivery. Drinks are safely packaged. Drink them first thing in the morning and start your day right. 😉

Good delivery, delicious hojicha.

Ordered the bundle, delivery came in styrofoam box for easy and safer delivery. The hojicha taste really good.

It was a gift for a friend

They love it especially that it is not too sweet or taste powdery. They love the fragrance of the lattes. Blessed to be a Blessing!

Matcha & Hojicha Latte Bundle

Really love the Matcha Latte bottles from CTF! The bottles were delivered nicely and securely in a styrofoam ice box and ice pack. They were still chilled when I received my bottles. Matcha Latte is of good quality, love how thick it is yet not too sweet. Definitely worth the buy! I enjoyed it!

Rich and milky!!

I got to know of CTF through Insta ads. I decided to try it and have absolutely no regrets!! My favourite is the Matcha, over the Hojicha. It is not too sweet yet super super dense and flavourful. Highly recommended!!

2nd time Gift for friend

My friend and family loves both the Matcha and HOJICHA! ❤️

Well balanced flavours

The houjicha latte has well balanced flavours of milkyness and the houjicha (strong but not overwhelming). This is my third time getting from Craft Tea Fox so I got more to share with friends! Also the customer service is really helpful :)

Love the Hojicha!!!

I love the hojicha, really has that roasted green tea taste. The matcha taste is strong and not too sweet.

The oat milk versions taste sweeter and the matcha / hojicha taste isn't as strong!

Fell in love with HOJICHA

Tried and fell in love with HOJICHA Oatmilk Latte from Craft Tea Fox.. Smooth, nice aroma of the tea and it is not sweet!
In fact, their Matcha Latte, HOJICHA Latte and Matcha Oatmilk Latte taste great too


Like the matcha, very quality houjicha powder. Delicious and fragrant. The roasted taste is really there.

Quality stuff

The colour and the fineness of the powder is wonderful. And it smells heavenly. Definitely worth the money.

Matcha Latte

From past reviews, I was worried that this matcha would be not sweet at all. But the sweetness level was just perfect. Also the flavour of the matcha was very rich and 'gao'(strong). I may just keep going back to this! 😋

They live up to their claim!

Really really thick and flavourful! Worth the money! Can split to a few cups if its too thick, just add a few cubes of ice to gradually dilute it! Will buy from them again. Also, their social media responses are very prompt and helpful!

Love the taste

Both matcha and hojicha lattes are great! Not too sweet and is very rich! Enjoyed it.

Amazing quality

Both matcha and hojicha lattes were of amazing quality like the first time i drank it! Really love it alot!

Thumbs up Tea Latte

The tea are not too sweet and yet rich, precisely what I have been looking for. That aside, the houjicha is surprisingly the better of the two, even though I had strong craving for matcha Latte then. That said, the Match is still above average.

Bottles of Awesomeness!

This is by far one of the best matcha and hojicha lattes available in Singapore. I was fretting about the lack of tea lattes choices during the CB period, when my coffee drinker friends were enjoying their cold brews. Tea is so smooth. You can't get any better than this!