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Awakening Matcha Whisk Set
Felicia (Singapore, SG)
Mother and Daughter Bonding

I bought this set for my daughter as her Christmas present as she likes matcha latte, which is usually found in cafes. This presents a "problem" as I'm more of the kopi sort than espresso drinks kinda person. So this matcha set perfectly fills the gap as she can make her own matcha latte at home while I dabao my kopi from the kopitiam. My family enjoys a good chat over food and drinks, so I'm happy to add another option to our collection of beverages at home. The quality of matcha powder is great; fine so it's not powdery and is hardly bitter but has a aromatic fragrance.

Matcha Latte 0%
Phyllis Sng (Singapore, SG)
Holiday bundle

This is my 2nd purchase- to try the holiday bundle set with vanilla and chocolate. 1st purchase was the standard and 0% hojicha and matcha latte and fell in love with it.

Customer service is superb too!

Barista Uji Matcha Powder (100g)
Wayne P (Singapore, SG)
Fragrant and Bubbles Well

The matcha is nice and fragrant the moment you open the pack. Whisking it into frothy form is also easy. Notes are sweet and easy to get right for homemade matcha latte.

Hojicha Chocolate Latte
S. (Singapore, SG)
Please make Hojicha chocolate latte permanent!

I love hojicha latte, 0% hojicha latte and the combination of chocolate is awesome! 💙 Hojicha has lesser caffeine than matcha. You can read it up on craft tea fox’s website!

Matcha Vanilla Latte
Jing Xi Ang (Kampong Punggol, SG)
Great 😋

First time purchasing from Craft Tea Fox, first time trying out their matcha latte. This matcha vanilla latte is something I didn't expect; it's much better than I thought it would be! There's really Christmas feels when drinking it ⛄🎄🎅❄️

Hojicha Latte 0%
Ng Nancy (Singapore, SG)
HOJICHA lattes 0%

I love it! Although 0% no sugar added, the Hojicha fragrance and taste still as good as ever! Thick and smooth too! Another good product by Craft Tea Fox! ♥️♥️


My first time trying matcha and buying without any research. Glad I randomly decided on the ceremonial grade as I subsequently found out that it is meant for drinking on its own. Well-balanced and not bitter (water temperature is also important), which is a great choice for beginners if you want to be pleasantly introduced to matcha.

Awakening Matcha Whisk Set
xenia (Kampong Pasir Ris, SG)
Efficient Team, Good customer service

Needed the gift set urgently (birthday was the next day) and the customer service in shopee managed to squeeze me into the next day delivery slot. The process was very smooth and delivery was prompt too. Really appreciate the effort taken to help me get the gift.

Matcha Subscription (Free Chawan Bundle)
Alison Wee (Singapore, SG)
Perfectly machalicious

Product came almost instantly. So happy with the chawan! Now I can whisk my macha like a pro!

Matcha Starter Kit
Lynette Sim (Singapore, SG)
A little package with so many uses!

Did iced matcha latte for the family twice and everyone loves it! They said it’s like Starbucks’ :D I’m looking forward to use it for lava cakes!

Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder (100g)
Alison Wee (Singapore, SG)
Best matcha ever

I am a true convert. The best matcha I have tasted. I will buy no other matcha except from craft tea fox. The taste is impeccable.

Matcha Whisk Set (Essential Brewing Kit)
Stefanie (Singapore, SG)
Good matcha but not so good bamboo whisk

I got the essential brewing kit about a week ago. After using the bamboo whisk twice, I noticed some splinters were starting to form. I contacted craft tea fox to check if that was supposed to happen but they said it is not normal and immediately sent a replacement to me. Upon receiving the new bamboo whisk, I still noticed some splinters on it. I guess I should not expect it to be in a perfectly splinter-free condition as it is made from bamboo. But I still wouldn't feel safe to use it in my drink as there might be some splinters that could fall off into my drink.

The matcha and hojicha powder was good though. Fragrant and creamy.

Beautifully smooth 🍵🍵

Got the barista set earlier this month and decided to try the ceremonial grade matcha because I enjoyed it so much.

It did not disappoint: you can really taste the difference in the two grades, even though the barista one was already quite good. This matcha frothed really easily and is so smooth when drunk. Really love it!!!

Chawan | Matcha Bowl with Spout
Yihui Zheng (Singapore, SG)
Precise pouring with this beautiful matcha bowl

The size of the matcha bowl is perfect for the big whisk i am using and absolutely love that it comes with a sprout, makes pouring so much easier and the whole matcha making routine so much more enjoyable 🙂

Matcha Starter Kit
Jernice (Singapore, SG)
Great Matcha powder for many delicious treats

We love the matcha powder😍 We used it for making matcha lattes, baking it for larva cake and cookies, using the frer menu given. Excellent buy especially with freebies 👍

Chawan | Matcha Bowl with Spout
Tiffy (Singapore, SG)
Decent DIY Matcha Latte

I'm able to enjoy my matcha latte anytime and in the comfort of my home now.

Patissier Uji Matcha Powder (20g)
Sharon Lin (Singapore, SG)
Very rich and authentic taste

Used the Patissier Uji Matcha Powder from Craft Tea Fox to bake Matcha Cookies and Matcha Tirasmisu. So good and smooth... great quality and taste... Loving it.

Barista Uji Hojicha Powder (100g)
Patrick (Singapore, SG)
Barista Uji Hojicha Powder

Quick delivery. 2x ordered. Love the hojicha taste with milk and simple to make too. You have all the recipes needed within Craft Tea website.

Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder (100g)
Lilian (Singapore, SG)
My cup of tea 🍵

I received them on the next day I ordered. I had make matcha, matcha latte for my family with the Ceremonial Uji Matcha powder. Smooth and very satisfying, what's most important is my whole family enjoys it. 👍

Barista Uji Hojicha Powder (100g)
sammy wong (Singapore, SG)
Uji Hojicha

Best Hojicha powder. Used for making latte and jelly. Wont go wrong! of course with the right equipment that can be found in Craft Tea Fox!

Barista Uji Matcha Powder (100g)
Erina Lau (Singapore, SG)
Best Matcha powder

I am so glad I decided to give it a try. Definitely worth every cent for this matcha. Taste delicious and the colour of the Matcha powder is really green. Would definitely repurchase it once I finished mine.

Can't wait to try the hojicha powder too!

Matcha Starter Kit
Patrick (Singapore, SG)
Lovely taste simple to use

Made my matcha latter without sweat! Can enjoy artisan matcha latte simply at home without heading out now. Thank you Craft Tea!

Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder (100g)
Xin Yi (Singapore, SG)
High quality matcha

Always wanted to purchase matcha in Singapore but am always skeptical about the quality of the matcha powder that is available over the counter.
However based on the many good reviews, I decided to take the bullet and try the matcha powder from craft tea fox.
The taste is really amazing and I will definitely continue to purchase from craft tea fox to satisfy my matcha cravings!

Hojicha Latte - Expiry 21 Jan
Wendy (Singapore, SG)
Hojicha Latte

Well packed in styrofoam box which kept the drinks chilled. Love the little bottles which was not sweet which I preferred.

Matcha Latte - Expiry 21 Jan
Wendy (Singapore, SG)
Matcha Latte

Love the matcha latte as it was smooth and not ‘sandy’ and not too sweet.A little expensive for a small bottle.

Just reorder another 6 bottles for my family.