Matcha & Hojicha Recipes

A collection of our favourite home-cafe recipes.
Mango Matcha Latte Recipe
A 5 minute fruity and refreshing twist to your Matcha Latte recipe.
Matcha Muffins Recipe
Get your daily breakfast fix with mouth-watering Matcha Muffins topped with rich, buttery crumbles. This mess free one-bowl recipe makes it harder to resist.
Dirty Matcha Latte Recipe: Perfect Your Matcha Coffee Ratio
Dirty Matcha Latte recipe- get your Matcha & coffee fix all in one, fuss free.
Matcha Brownie Recipe - Easy Brown Butter Dessert
A delicate balance between bittersweet umami of matcha and the overpowering sweetness of chocolate. Your 2-in-1 crowd-pleaser for a casual party or cozy hangout.  
Matcha Affogato Recipe
All-time favourite Affogato, with a Matcha twist. Surprise yourself with the creaminess of this sweet treat. There's no turning back. 
Matcha Lava Cake Recipe / Video Guide (Beginner Friendly!)
An easy, beginner-friendly Matcha Lava Cake recipe. Take your birthday celebration or dinner date ideas up a notch with this decadent yet simple Matcha dessert.