Matcha Whisk Set (Essential Brewing Kit)
Matcha Whisk Set (Essential Brewing Kit)Matcha Whisk Set (Essential Brewing Kit)

Matcha Whisk Set (Essential Brewing Kit)


Matcha Whisk Set (Essential Brewing Kit)

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Make barista-quality Matcha lattes at home.

Perfect for both beginners and Matcha / Hojicha lovers. Easily create your own Matcha or Hojicha Latte - in the comfort of your home or office.


  • 1 x handcrafted full-length bamboo whisk,
  • 2 x signature tea tins (20g) of your choice 

Not sure how to use the whisk? Check out our guide on how to use a bamboo whisk.

  • Whisk in any cup: with the included full-length, slim Matcha whisk
  • Selected for Lattes: blends with dairy or non-dairy milk
  • Make-Your-Own-Latte Recipes: recipes provided on tea tins
  • Luxurious packaging: suitable as a gift

    For maximum freshness, store all Matcha and Hojicha powder in the fridge. 

    Use within 3 months after opening. 


    Your homemade Matcha / Hojicha latte awaits.

    Make a Matcha or Hojicha Latte - in minutes. 

    Perfect for both beginners and Matcha / Hojicha lovers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Good matcha but not so good bamboo whisk

    I got the essential brewing kit about a week ago. After using the bamboo whisk twice, I noticed some splinters were starting to form. I contacted craft tea fox to check if that was supposed to happen but they said it is not normal and immediately sent a replacement to me. Upon receiving the new bamboo whisk, I still noticed some splinters on it. I guess I should not expect it to be in a perfectly splinter-free condition as it is made from bamboo. But I still wouldn't feel safe to use it in my drink as there might be some splinters that could fall off into my drink.

    The matcha and hojicha powder was good though. Fragrant and creamy.

    Yi Fan Koh

    Matcha Whisk Set (Essential Brewing Kit)

    Eliot Low
    Matcha Whisk Set

    Delivery was fast. I love the product and it was easy to use and great in taste, will continue to order once I finished it
    I want to try other matcha product for making pasty

    KT Ching
    Smooth nice matcha

    Items delivered and immidately try out using the brew guide, very nice smooth matcha and I love it hot.

    Suhaidah Mkh
    Great start up kit

    I don't know which I prefer. The matcha or the hojicha tea powder. I think I love both! The whisk that came with it works pretty well to remove any undissolved bits if you spend a little more second whisking. But I prefer using a sieve first. Love the logo on the handle of the whisk!

    Karene C
    Ceremonial matcha

    Not bitter. Nice!

    Delivery status a little iffy

    Ordered the matcha whisk set for a friend and was not sure when the item would arrive (over the weekend). But once the delivery status was known, the item arrived quicker than expected and my friend enjoyed it.

    Erlia Tan
    Love this kit!

    Everything I need to make a good cup of matcha and hojicha latte! <3

    Gloria Chao
    Great Matcha 🍵

    First time purchase and I finally found the matcha powder that I’ve been looking for!

    Angela Wong
    Perfect Matcha Latte At The First Try!

    I bought the Starter Kit which had 2 mini cans of Matcha & Hojicha with the bamboo whisk. So happy I was able to make the perfect Matcha Latte at my first try, with lactose-free milk! The matcha powder dissolved beautifully with no clumps, even without using a sieve. So definitely going to buy more again!

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