Chawan | Matcha Bowl with Spout
Chawan | Matcha Bowl with SpoutChawan | Matcha Bowl with SpoutChawan | Matcha Bowl with SpoutChawan | Matcha Bowl with Spout

Chawan | Matcha Bowl with Spout


Chawan | Matcha Bowl with Spout

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Never spill expensive Matcha again.

A modern take on the traditional Japanese Matcha ritual.

Crafted from glass, this Chawan is the perfect accompaniment for anyone whisking Matcha. With a carefully measured curvature, depth and size, the Chawan has been designed for the Matcha whisking process, to prevent any splashing or spilling throughout.

Capacity: 480ml

  • Wide-Mouthed Bowl - fits any Matcha whisk or electric whisk
  • No-Spill Spout - perfect for making Matcha or Hojicha Lattes; helps with pouring into other glasses
  • Luxurious Packaging - suitable as a gift for any Matcha or Hojicha enthusiast.  


For maximum freshness, store all Matcha and Hojicha powder in the fridge. 

Use within 3 months after opening. 


Don't cry over spilt Matcha.

Has this happened to you before?

Spilling Matcha gets expensive fast. Save your cash with a No-Spill Spout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love it

I thought it looked fragile when I first received it but it held up perfectly fine with hot water.

Yihui Zheng
Precise pouring with this beautiful matcha bowl

The size of the matcha bowl is perfect for the big whisk i am using and absolutely love that it comes with a sprout, makes pouring so much easier and the whole matcha making routine so much more enjoyable.

Decent DIY Matcha Latte

I'm able to enjoy my matcha latte anytime and in the comfort of my home now.

ibrahim Haneefa
Chawan bowl

Wow this is pure matcha and strong! None of the flavored scams - zero sweeteners, just simply pure Macha tea.

Germaine Gan
great value for price

I think it is a great value for the price. I drink it as a matcha latte, and I feel that I can focus at work for 7 hours.. Usually when I drink coffee, I would feel tired at the 5th hour.

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