5 Ways To Save Money On Matcha

Budgeting tips from one Matcha lover to another.

How to enjoy more Matcha for less

Subscribe to group buy communities

Group buy members often enjoy huge discounts and more convenient pickup locations.

Find them on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp through a quick Google search!

Make use of special promotions

Many cafés run promotions from time to time. Join Telegram chats like SGFoodies and KiasuFoodies to learn about the latest deals

Join loyalty programs

If you're a regular at certain stores, join their loyalty program.

Examples include:

  • Starbucks Rewards — redeem a free drink with every $60 spent
  • Club Tea Fox Rewards — cash back with every purchase, free Matcha, and other Matcha-related perks

Read reviews

Matcha quality differs considerably from place to place, but price typically doesn't. 

To avoid wasting money on bad Matcha, research reviews before visiting a café for their Matcha.

Make Your Own Matcha

The best way to save on your Matcha latte habit? Become your own barista! Go from ~$7 per latte to less than $1.50 each. 

Plus, it's way easier than you think

Enjoying Matcha should be easy.

Love Matcha but hate the hassle?

Expensive prices, excessive sugar, grainy lattes, and bland Matcha... no Matcha lover deserves that.

You should be able to enjoy healthy and delicious Matcha whenever you want, without burning a hole in your wallet.

That's why we started Craft Tea Fox. To make high-quality Matcha accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use so you can enjoy Matcha on your terms.

As Featured In

Anyone can make a Matcha latte.

We never thought we'd be able to ditch expensive, store-bought Matcha lattes

All the Japanese terms and fancy equipment involved seemed way too advanced for us non-baristas.

But it turns out, brewing Matcha is really easy! 

By trying to appear authentic, many Matcha companies end up complicating the process of making Matcha. 

We're here to simplify things

With our easy recipes, beginner-friendly guides, and incredible after-sales support, we guarantee you'll be able to recreate the Matcha you love at a fraction of the price.

Making Matcha changed our lives.

It can change yours too.

It all started out in a 7-11. 

We needed something to quench our thirst, but, our choices were either sugar-filled or unpalatable.

It didn't seem right that these were our only options. So began our search for a great-tasting, actually healthy drink

We soon learnt that one of our favourite drinks — Matcha — is actually one of the most potent superfoods on the planet. And one of the most delicious too.

Once we started making Matcha... everything changed.

Our Matcha lattes now cost $6 less than they used to

We've stopped wasting time queuing. We make our own lattes whenever and where ever we want.

And, we know exactly what's in our drink. We customise the type of milk and amount of sugar as we please — with no extra fee.

We didn't realise how easy it was - until we tried it ourselves.

That’s why we're so passionate about what we do. 

By making high-quality, healthy Matcha easy and accessible, we hope your life will change for the better, too.

And we want to do this in a way that is honest and environmentally sustainable. So it's not just great for your health, but also for our planet.

What The #CTFam Is Saying

Matcha for every need.

Each blend of Matcha has a different purpose. However you like to enjoy your Matcha, we've got you covered.

3 Easy Steps, 3 Minutes Flat

Step 1: Sieve Matcha

Sieve Matcha to get rid of Matcha clumps in your drink. Clumps don't taste good.

Step 2: Whisk Matcha

Unlike green tea, real Matcha doesn't dissolve. That's why Matcha is whisked with a Japanese Matcha whisk.

Step 3: Enjoy Matcha

Mix it with milk and sugar, if you want. Then enjoy - that's it. It's that simple!

Free Matcha To Start Your Journey

with your first Matcha Home Cafe Kit

Everything you need to start making Matcha now.

Making Matcha isn't that hard.

Plus, with the Matcha Home Cafe Kit, it's super easy. You'll get everything you need to start right away. 

And did we mention a week's worth of free Matcha too?

Click the link below to find out more.