COVID-19: Our Message

To our #CTFam:

Thank you for your support thus far. This is a season of uncertainty for all of us - adapting to the ever-changing situation, watching new Covid-19 cases pop up from day to day, and having to change our lifestyles around this (some quite drastically). 

Supporting you as you stay home
Since we started, our mission has been to help people get great Matcha and Hojicha, without having to leave their homes (or offices). With so many of us being encouraged to stay home today, we could never have foreseen how relevant our mission would become.

Despite the rapidly changing environment, we will strive to remain operational, so that if you choose to stay home, you can do so with a Matcha or Hojicha Latte in hand. We look forward to supporting you during this time if you need us.
Measures to stay safe

Since February, our bottle production and logistics teams have implemented additional safety measures:

  • Strict compliance with Singapore Food Agency factory licencing conditions
  • Delivery staff provided with masks, and sanitising hands after each delivery
  • Temperature taking for logistics and production teams
  • Buffer times for disinfection of logistics workstations
  • Splitting of work shifts to reduce risk of transmission

Working together 

Each of us has a part to play. We can all keep up personal hygiene, ensure social distancing, and where possible, stay home and stay safe. By doing so, we can all overcome this crisis together and emerge stronger.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Elias & Kai Xin (CTF co-founders)