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Enjoy a week of free Matcha with your Matcha Starter Kit ($79 value).

One Week of Free Matcha with your Starter Kit

Includes 1 week of Ceremonial Uji Matcha, a Matcha Whisk, a Crystal Chawan and a Matcha Sieve.

Barista-quality Matcha lattes, at home.

Future Shipments

  • Ceremonial Uji Matcha (100g / 3.53 oz) for $50.15

  • Ships 8 weeks after Starter Kit

  • Ships every 8 weeks

  • Adjust, change or cancel at any time

We'll always email you 3 days before renewal.
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What's In Your Kit?

Free ($19.90 Value)

Ceremonial Uji Matcha

(1 Weeks' Supply)

20g Organic Ceremonial Uji Matcha - makes 10 Matcha Lattes.

$19.90 Value

Matcha Whisk


Whisk up silky smooth Matcha under 30 seconds.

$29.90 Value

Crystal Chawan w/ Spout

The perfect Matcha bowl - double-walled, no spills.

$9.90 Value

Matcha Sieve

No clumpy Matcha, ever. Sized for Crystal Chawan. 

A superior Matcha experience, guaranteed.

Our specially designed Crystal Chawan makes Matcha Lattes easier than ever.

Use code 1WEEKFREE.

Get $79 of value for just $49. Apply discount at checkout.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Z. Tay

The Matcha Starter Kit is exactly what you need to start off your journey of making your own matcha drink at your home office. CTF doesn't just sell you the kit but they also provide tons of guides and recipes so that you would know that to do with your kit! It is the quality of the matcha and customer service that will make me come back to repurchase!

Hui Fen
Matcha Home Cafe Kit

A good starter kit for beginners to start making matcha tea at home.

Lee Huan
easy steps

Great matcha cafe kit. Simple to use with easy steps instructed.

Matcha Home Cafe Kit

Great intro to matcha-at-home, am going to try the Ceremonial blend next! The guide on how to care for and use the bamboo whisk was also really useful. :)

Yanisa Keeratimongkollert
Matcha craving satisfied

The matcha home kit set is so worth and totally satisfied my matcha cravings whenever wherever! I don't have to look out for a starbucks to get my matcha fix now