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Crystal Chawan | Matcha Bowl with Spout (Double Walled)

Product images are for illustration. Actual product may vary due to handmade components. 

Crystal Chawan | Matcha Bowl with Spout (Double Walled)


Crafted from borosilicate glass, this Crystal Chawan is the perfect accompaniment for anyone whisking Matcha.

  • Vacuum Insulation Layer - keeps Matcha warm, and your hands cool

  • No-Spill Spout - for making lattes; pouring into other glasses

  • Curved Base - reduces wasted Matcha left behind in corners

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Crystal Chawan | Matcha Bowl with Spout (Double Walled)

Product images are for illustration. Actual product may vary due to handmade components. 

Makes Matcha Lattes easier than ever.

A modern take on a thousand-year-old ritual.

A superior Matcha experience, guaranteed.

With a carefully measured curvature, depth and size, the Chawan has been designed for the Matcha whisking process, to prevent any splashing or spilling throughout.

No More Spilling Matcha

The Crystal Chawan (Matcha Bowl) is all you need. It doubles up as an insulated glass, keeping your Matcha piping hot (or cold).

A Calming, Intentional Ritual

The calm is in the ritual. Make Matcha with intention, the way it was intended. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Zi H.C.

I always find pouring matcha from a bowl difficult as some tea will spill out. This bowl solves the problem and I can easily transfer the tea into the cup. Excellent.

good quality bowl

If you are a matcha drinker, this is a perfect tool that you can't live without. I have used other versions of matcha bowls, but only this one works in terms of size, curve and the spout.

Isa M.
The bowl that I never thought I needed

This bowl definitely helps alot with any matcha or hojicha making. It makes the whisking process very clean and simple without any mess or splattering and thus wastage of any matcha/hojicha goodness. And the spout is designed in such a perfect way that it makes the pouring of your frothy matcha/hojicha into your favourite cup so precise and neat. Nope I'm not exaggerating; you really have to try it to believe it. Thanks CTF!

Suhaidah M.
Beautiful Chawan

You can mix your tea powder in any bowl but it felt a little more special using the matcha bowl. My hand fits perfectly and the spout helps to prevent any spills. In addition, the clear bowl looks great on my display shelf together with my other tea products.

Great gift set

Wonderful set.. bought it for my daughter and she loves it. Great buy

Emma S.
Matcha bowl

Elevated my matcha experience to the next level for sure. I love using this beautiful bowl that makes me feel excited every morning.

Matcha Bowl

The matcha bowl is the solution to zero mess when pouring milk for an iced matcha latte. It cuts down the transfer time as well. What I did was to scoop matcha powder into the sieve, then pour warm water and whisk. After that, pour the mixture over to the cup with milk and ice! Extremely handy. The diameter of the bowl is a nice size too to do either an M or W hand movement. A tea sieve that I bought along with it is extremely helpful! No more clumpy matcha now!

Chawan Bowl with serving Spout

It is difficult to find a chawan here that is reasonably priced. Glad to find this from CTF. The spout in the chawan has made my life easier in whisking and transferring matcha. Maybe a ceramic version of it would be a great alternative

Perfect sized bowl!

This bowl may be a little pricey but it's the perfect size for the bamboo whisk and there's absolutely no spillage when whisking. It's also easy to pour into a glass afterwards to make sure there is zero matcha spillage.

Veronica C.
life saver

Life saver for a matcha fanatic, I love how I can pour the matcha into my drinking cup smoothly!