Oat Milk Lattes - Finally here

Oat Milk Lattes - They're Finally Here

We're finally launching our oat milk Matcha and Hojicha lattes!

What you can expect: 

  1. more intense Matcha / Hojicha flavour
  2. long-lasting lattes
  3. a slick redesign
  4. a reduction in your carbon footprint (using Oatly oat milk instead of dairy reduces carbon emissions from milk almost threefold!)

It's the goodness of our original Matcha and Hojicha Lattes - but now dairy-free. 

We had originally wanted to release this earlier!

However, we took more time - we felt it was needed to get the taste right.

Also, we have limited quantities of these for our first run (only 100 of each flavour).

They'll be available for purchase this Thursday, 13 August at 9pm! Deliveries start next week.

Our Lattes are Getting a Makeover

We've also been hard at work tweaking our latte design! We hope you'll like the new look :)

This will roll out to our original lattes over the next few weeks! 

(The Oat Milk Lattes already sport the new look.)

The new design also contains nutrition information, so you'll know exactly what you're drinking!

What else would you like to see?

We love connecting with our community, and especially to know what you want to see next.

After all, we launched oat milk lattes thanks to your feedback!

So, if there's anything that comes to your mind (no matter how silly you think it sounds - it's not). 

Just drop an email here to let us know!

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