Mid-Year Update

More than half the year has gone by.

We've been working hard on our original mission - making Matcha and Hojicha more accessible.

New: Matcha Whisk Set

If you'd like to make lattes from home, we've launched a revamped Matcha Whisk Set (formerly the Essential Brewing Kit).


It's perfect if you (or a friend) happen to be looking for a Matcha whisk.

Matcha Whisk Set | Essential Brewing Kit | Craft Tea Fox

New: Matcha Bowl with Spout

We're pretty clumsy, so we've spilt a lot of Matcha. And Matcha is expensive, so it hurts...


We've launched a spill-proof Matcha Bowl which we now use ourselves. It also makes a good gift!

Chawan | Glass Matcha Bowl with Spout

Subscriptions and Recycling

We've launched Latte Subscriptions and our Recycling Commitment initiative, so you can make repeat latte orders on automatic. 

With subscriptions, subscribers get a greater discount.
With recycling, we've minimised glass wastage on repeat orders. 
You can share a subscription with colleagues or family for a constant fix of lattes from home / the office. 

We have some existing updates we can't wait to share! We can only share them in the coming weeks, so do keep an eye out.

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