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Craft Tea Fox, one of the latest contender to the market, stands out with its bold contemporary design. Dissatisfied by the lack of decent matcha lattes in Singapore, founders Kai Xin and Elias decided to import their own matcha powder from Uji, Japan.
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If you’re a Matcha fan, you’ll definitely want to check out Craft Tea Fox. 
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Do you remember the 2-month circuit breaker period last year - when the cold brew craze hit? As we were all adapting to the new norm of working from home, I remember gifting and receiving cold brews from friends, and myself on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. 
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The adorable name aside, Craft Tea Fox knows their matcha, alright.
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The adorable name aside, Craft Tea Fox knows their matcha, alright. They have both bottled Matcha (S$6.30), and Hojicha Lattes (S$6.30) that are cold whisked with fresh milk. Their matcha has been praised for being incredibly smooth and velvety, which is what you’ll want in your matcha.
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Craft Tea Fox offers a modern take on Matcha and Hojicha. They offer barista-quality Matcha and Hojicha lattes delivered anywhere in Singapore, using premium-grade Hojicha and Matcha sourced from Uji, Japan.
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For all the matcha latte lovers out there, if you haven’t heard of Craft Tea Fox – you should! Their signatures are these creamy and rich Matcha Latte and Hojicha Latte ($6.50 each). Using only high quality Matcha and Hojicha from Uji, Kyoto, these tea lattes will leave you wanting more.
Need the help of caffeine, but can't drink coffee alone? I recommend Matcha Latte and Houjicha Latte (all at $7). Not only are the colors fresh and attractive, you can also get a $5 discount on the first order. You need to order at least 6 bottles at a time, and you can get a $2 discount for the 8th bottle without any delivery fees.