How to make Hojicha Latte (Hojicha Latte Recipe Video)

A simple Hojicha Latte recipe - fuss-free, virtually caffeine-free, but bursting with fragrance and aroma. Discover how to make your own Hojicha Latte!

Hojicha is made from roasted green tea. Mix Hojicha powder together with your choice of milk to create this great-tasting and beautiful dessert beverage.

1. Sieve 2 small scoops of Hojicha powder.

2. Add 60ml of hot water (non-boiling water preferred).

3. Whisk with a Matcha Whisk or electric whisk in a bowl.

4. Mix in with 120ml of your favourite milk (dairy, oat or soy).

5. Add whisked Hojicha slowly for beautiful swirls. 

6. Optional - add foamed milk and a dash of Hojicha powder atop.

7. Mix well and enjoy!

Too inconvenient? 

To skip the trouble of making it yourself, have a Hojicha Latte delivered to you today. Each Hojicha Latte lasts in your fridge for weeks – so you can stock up, and grab a Hojicha Latte anytime you feel like it. 

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